Summary of Events

WaWTG Friends and Sponsors 2017

Base Camp
Innerstave, LLC – 1500 Level

Trial Showcase
Innerstave, LLC – 1500 Level
Laffort USA – 500 Level
Canton Cooperage – 500 Level

Summer Seminar
Innerstave, LLC – 1500 Level
Premier Wine Cask – 1500 Level
Heritage Barrels – 1500 Level
Wine Business Monthly – 500 Level
ETS Laboratories – 500 Level
Oak Solutions – 500 Level
BSG Wine Division – 500 Level
Enartis USA – 500 Level

Individual Contributors
John Morgan – Lost River Winery

You are all significant contributions of the Washington wine industry. Thank you all!

Summer Seminar

A series of topics presented by winemakers and specialists in their field. Topics are chosen for their relevance to the Washington wine industry, for timeliness or based on unique imperative to advance community knowledge. The 2017 Summer Seminar will be held at the Walter Clore Center in Prosser.

To view handouts and presentations for our most recent event (2017 Summer Seminar) please see the link below:

Fee: $75 for Members or $135 for Non-Members – Discounts for Student Members
Frequency: annually
Date: June 14th, 2017
Contact: Richard Hood,


Trial Showcase

An all-day WaWTG event held at the Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center. Topics relevant to current vintage issues are explored at length in the seminar portion by academic experts and experienced winemakers. The trial portion includes presentations by winemakers who have conducted selected harvest trials, detailed by ETS analysis, and concluded with a subsequent tasting of the finished treatment wines.

To view handouts and presentations from our most recent event (2017 Trial Showcase) please see the link below:

Fee: $75 for Members or $95 Non-Members – Discounts for Student Members
Frequency: annually
Date: March 14th, 2018
Contact: Karin Gasparotti,


Tasting Group

Themed wine tasting organized by varietal, region or style. A supporting winery is chosen to host and six to ten wines presented blindly. A discussion follows the tasting and revelation, as well as the chance to socialize among peers. Usually held concurrently at both East and West locations. Each tasting is limited to the to the first 12 WaWTG members enrolled at each location.

Fee: TBD, Members Only
Frequency: two per year
Date of next event: July 26th, 2017
Contact: Matt Rule,


Social Gathering

An opportunity to relax and get to know your fellow winemakers. The emphasis is on social; casual meeting at a supporting winery venue. Participants are obliged to bring a bottle of wine to share in keeping with the theme for that evening. No sign up required, just show up!

Other social events include our annual WAWGG Social, and the social aspect inherent with Base Camp, as well as the social component that concludes Trial Showcase and Summer Seminar.

Fee: Free Members Only
Frequency: Varies
Date: February 8th, 2017
Contact: Taryn Baze,


Base Camp

Retreat with fellow winemakers in comfortable accommodations at the Hampton Inn & Suites, a serene setting in Hood River, Oregon. This event offers a great balance of knowledge sharing, bonding, fun and relaxation. Get feedback from your peers by bringing a wine that presented a challenge for you this past vintage, an interesting harvest trial or both.

Fee: please sign into the member page in order to register $150 registration – $90 fee for non-participating guest
Frequency: annually
Date: January 9th – 11th, 2018
Contact: Charlie Lybecker,


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